Our Promise

our Promise
To our clients:

We guarantee the rigorous selection of raw materials combined with the most cost-effective product design. We pay attention in the holistic service of our customers, with flexibility and rapidity, supplying products, which comply with all standard technical specifications.

To our suppliers:

is the mutual prosperity through the establishment of stable and long-term trade relationships. We aim in beneficially cooperate advancing excellence in our products' raw material selections.

To our employees:

is a workplace that promotes mutual trust, contribution and recognition, ensuring the constant progress of employees, supporting creativity expression and thinking, and fulfilling personal and professional ambitions.

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Establishment of the company
“D. KOSITZIDIS & CO. GP» by Kositzidis Th. Dimitrios, specializing in the manufacture, maintenance and service of industrial batteries.
Inclusion of batteries and equipment for stationary energy applications (renewable energy sources, UPS power supplies, etc.), in NorthBatt’s product portfolio.

Battery production is gradually phased out and new international partnerships are launched. Expansion of company’s product range to integrated energy solutions for every application.

The Company’s management passes to Kositzidis Theologos (CEO) and Kositzidou Eirini (Vise President).

Foundation of the company “NorthBatt, EMPORIA SISSOREFTON LTD”. The company’s specialization is in Starter Batteries.
Rebrand and change of the company’s legal form from “D. KOSITZIDIS & CO. GP” to “NorthBatt, EMPORIA SISSOREFTON SA “.
Expansion of the company’s production and storage facilities by 6000 sq.m. in the industrial area of Sindos, Thessaloniki.

Establishment of the company “NorthBatt Recycling PC”. The company’s activity is the collection and transportation of lead acid batteries’ waste.
Launch of the NorthBatt product line.
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Our vision is to maintain and expand our leading role by always providing our customers with high quality products.

Our goal is…

  • To meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Το built up stable and timeless partnerships.
  • Το expand our know-how by keeping up with technological developments.
  • To become our clients' preferred business energy solution sources.

Years of Experience


different products

satisfied cusstomers
traction batteries pzs pzb pzv pzvb

Traction Batteries Pzs ,PzB and PzV, PzVB

NorthBatt Traction Lead Acid Batteries are designed to power all types of forklifts, industrial trucks and cleaning machines.
traction monoblock golf cart batteries

Traction Monoblock Golf cart Batteries (6V/8V/12V)

NorthBatt Traction Monoblock Batteries are deep cycle batteries.


High quality chargers and accessories for Traction Batteries.
opzs opzv batteries


NorthBatt Lead Acid batteries with Tubular plates for stand -by applications.
agm vrla batteries

AGM VRLA for General Use

NorthBatt Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries for general use.
agm vrla deep cycle use

AGM VRLA for Deep Cycle Use

NorthBatt Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries for Deep Cycle use.
gel vrla batteries


NorthBatt Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries with Gel Electrolyte.
solar batteries

Solar 2V tubular

NorthBatt Solar Batteries is a premium range developed for applications that require exceptional cycling performance.